Dark Market onion | Install and settings Tor Browser

In the hidden part of the Internet, there are many sites of prohibited topics. On the regular Internet, such sites would not be able to fully function, as would constantly be subject to various blockings by the authorities.

Tor Browser allows sites like DarkMarket onion to provide users with various information and services without fear of being disclosed or blocked. This is due to the fact that Tor masks the IP addresses of all users by redirecting traffic through nodes or bridges. In addition, domains located in the “onion” zone cannot be blocked, because do not have a registrar.

In order to access the Dark Market site, Tor Browser must be installed on your device.  You will also have to disable javascript to achieve maximum anonymity. I will tell you how to do this in today’s article.

Install Tor Browser (PC, IOS, Android)

Installing Tor is not much different from installing your usual browser, so even inexperienced users can figure it out.


To install the browser on a PC, you need to go to the official Tor website – torproject.org/download
and download the installation file. It will look like this:

dark market onion

After downloading the installation file, follow the standard installation procedure.

Then disable javascript by following this instruction:

dark market onion

1) Enter the following text in the address bar – about:config

dark market onion

2) Accept the risk by clicking on the button

dark market onion

3) Enter in the search box – javascript

dark market onion

4) By double-clicking the left mouse button, put in front of “javascript.enabled ” → false

After completing all of the above steps, you can visit the Dark Market and other sites in the “onion” network.

Android and IOS

If you would like to visit the Dark Market site from your Android or IOS portable device, then install the official (free) Tor app from the respective store.