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Once again, it’s time for a massive exit scam in the darknet markets. More than 5 markets during 2020 showed that their goal was not to provide quality services, but Dark Market does not participate in this. This market has nothing to steal from its users.

Large darknet markets (such as Empire, Icarus, Versus …) shown that most markets do not care about their visitors. Their main task was to collect a large number of users and at the right time pick up all the funds that were stored on their balances.

By visiting the dark market link you will not become a victim of a scam. Users of this market do not have the ability to store funds in their account. All transactions are paid from third-party wallets belonging to the market participants themselves.

This review will be entirely devoted to the Dark market. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this market here, compare it with competitors and tell you why you should pay attention to it.

Dark Market url

The dark market, like other darknet markets, is susceptible to continuous ddos attacks, which can create problems with market access.

It’s worth to notice that while most of the markets are in a paralyzed state without the ability to provide access to the display, dark market urls are ready to meet you on their website without any problems. This suggests that the market administration has carried out competent work on protecting against ddos attacks, so that users do not feel discomfort.

dark market urls

One of the reasons Dark Market links stays afloat despite ddos attacks is its quick response to dropped links. When one of the links stops working, the market administration instantly releases a new url to the public, and while the attackers try to put it in, you will have time to make a purchase.

In order you do not have to search for the current dark market url for a long time, we regularly monitor the updates of links and add them to our website. The dark market link list will be provided below!

In order to visit the market, you will need to use the Tor browser with javascript disabled. Instructions for installing and configuring Tor are presented on our website – Install Tor.

Dark Market review

Let’s start our Dark Market review by comparing it with its competitors. Markets such as Empire, Versus, Apollon and Icarus showed exit scams throughout 2020. All of these markets made it possible to store funds on their account, and many visitors used this funct ion by storing more than one hundred dollars in their balance. When the market administrator sees that such a large amount is stored on his server, he is tempted to rob his users, because he has full access to their funds. In addition, such actions on the part of the administrator practically do not threaten him with anything, because deceived users will not be able to turn to any law enforcement agencies for help.
Dark market refers to a type of market where users pay for a transaction directly from their wallet. In such a situation, the market administration will not have any thoughts about stealing funds.

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure for making a deal:

dark market links
1) select the desired product → press the “+ add” button.
dark market onion
2) press the button “Next”. Do not forget to indicate the delivery address.
dark market url
3) Confirm the order by clicking the “Purchase” button.
dark market link
4) We send the required amount of bitcoins to the wallet that was issued. You can see the amount for payment by clicking the “Purchased” button.

Note that funds are not sent directly to the merchant’s wallet. They remain in the neutral balance of the market until the trade is completed. After the transaction has been confirmed twice, the seller proceeds to dispatch the goods.

The fall of Empire pushed the sellers, who were left without the opportunity to sell the goods, to turn their attention to the Dark market.

dark market review

At the moment, the market catalog includes more than 40,000 different products. Just half a year ago, this figure was 2 times less, which tells us about the explosive growth of the market’s popularity.

When visiting the market, you can find products in the following directions:

  • Digital Goods (Software, E-Books, Erotica, Serials and Keys)
  • Drugs (RC’s, Cannabis, Harm Reduction, Paraphernalia, Pharmaceuticals, Nootropics, Dissociatives, Benzos, Stimulants, Alcohol, Opiates, Tobacco, Psychedelics, Steroids, Ecstasy)
  •  Services (Social Engineering, Hacking, Carding, Energy Control)
  • Security & Hosting (Hosting, VPN)
  • Miscellaneous (Other)
  • Jewellery (Gold, Silver)
  • Identification (Passports, Drivers Licences, Credit Score / Defaults, Bills / Statements, Tax Returns)
  • Guides & Tutorials (Fraud, Drugs, Security & Anonymity, Social Engineering, Hacking, Cryptocurrency)
  • Fraud (Data & Scans, Bank Accounts, Online Accounts, Bank Drops, Credit Cards / CVV, Dumps)
  • Counterfeit (Clothing, Electronics, Jewellery, Fake ID’s, Currency)
  • Software & Malware (Security Software, Crackers & Checkers, Botnets, Malware, Exploits)
  • Carded Items (Digital, Clothing, Electronics)

Be careful!

Currently, darknet markets are experiencing hard times, some cannot withstand the brunt of ddos ​​attacks, some are caught by the government, and some are simply stealing their clients’ money. With all this in mind, you should understand that keeping funds in a market account is a very risky undertaking, so we recommend that you do not deal with markets for some time where it is possible to keep funds on the balance.

List of sellers in various categories who will deliver your product for sure:

YourDrugDealer | Hulksmack | druggiebears | TopCart | CaliCarts | NARCOTICSDIRECT | Budfather | ukwhite | CartEx | stufff | drugsukstore

An important rule – do not create a deal if you are not ready to pay for the order, if you do not pay for the order within 24 hours, your account will be blocked.